Puberty is defined as a physical change which takes place with everyone when turn to be adults. It takes place between the ages of 10-14. As a girl you will be able to recognize that you are going through puberty when you start noticing physical changes in your body. The changes might be like change in waistline, development of your breast and starting of menstruation cycle as well.

Periods are known to be the final part of your monthly cycle. During the first stage your body develops blood-rich cells which are meant for pregnancy. At the next stage you sense ovulation. The stage 3 defines the shedding of the blood filled membrane which is popularly known as periods. Your period should last for not more than 3-7 days. After this the whole process starts again.

You may feel that you are shedding a large amount of blood during periods. But the fact says you lose 4-12 spoons of blood while in your periods. Generally, it is suggested you should change your period once in every 4 hours. During your 1st and 2nd day you ought to bleed more, so better to change after every 2-3 hours.

Here we have tried to put some of the best ways to avoid unnecessary pain and cramps. Try to lie down with hot water bag on your stomach to relax you a little. A hot water bath also does a lot of wonders. Try to stay active and eat healthy to fight the dreaded bloat which girls face. But if the pain become unbearable and remains constant it is always better to consult your gynecologist for treatment.

Puberty is the stage when your body sense a lot of changes. You start feeling uncomfortable, become choosy and shy. Just remember it happens to everyone. While you are growing try and find your mom to be your friend and share things with her. You will be relieved to know she went through same hard days.

Some of the girls do not sense any pain or changes when their period starts, while the others may sense cramps and pain in their lower parts. Even feeling emotional, depressed and moody are the symptoms to PMS. Just remember each of you is different and thus may feel different during these days. It is always suggested to eat healthy and exercise to regularize your periods. Do not feel yourself to be different from the rest and share your experiences with your friends to comfort yourself.

The menstrual blood develops bad odour once in contact with air. But you do not have to worry anymore as New Feel napkins are designed with odour control system which is meant to prevent odour and assure confidence. To avoid odour you are suggested to change pads every 4 hours, so better make it a thumb rule.

The process involves 4 simple step:

  • Peel off and release paper from the back of the Napkin,
  • Place the pad on the panty base and press firmly,
  • Peel off release paper from wings,
  • Fold the wings round the panty base and press firmly.